The world is a very uncertain place. Global Political tensions have led to economic instability, creating financial caution and insecurity. Environmentally the world is facing a huge challenge requiring collective efforts at a time when people seek to divide. Media and social media companies are under fire for inflating tensions with agenda driven news and the spread of fake news, causing much cynicism and distrust in the information we receive.

All of these factors create huge uncertainty and puts more pressure in individual behavior. This makes the pursuit of certain human needs and values more pressing. As a result the affluent consumer mindset has changed.

Affluent consumers have become more conscientious. Driven by a desire to be authentic and express their deeply held values, they have become more focused on leading better lives. Naturally, people feel less confident about showing wealth, and presenting themselves through the products they own. They become focused on self-improvement and look towards brands to help fuel a self-actualization.


Status is less determined by what people own but by who they are as people and how they live their lives.


The emergence of mindfulness, health apps, the growing importance of sustainable products are a good indication that people are becoming more thoughtful and ethical in their decisions. Consider today how we talk about our wealthiest. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal status story doesn’t centre on how much he’s made but on how much he is giving away. For the ultra rich philanthropy is the status story. The new affluent mindset is driven by these desires. Status is less determined by what people own but by who they are as people and how they live their lives.

As supreme objects of desire, luxury and lifestyle brands have a duty to reflect this changing consumer mindset and fuel this quest for authenticity and betterment. Modern affluent consumers are looking towards brands to help project the best version of themselves, namely someone who is ethical, creative, independent and tasteful.

81 is founded on friendship and a shared vision of making brands and their communications better. We believe in creating a community between a brand and their customers based on the pursuit of more authentic and fulfilled lives. This creates a shared purpose with their customers in helping them realize their best self and in so doing, lays the foundations for long lasting relationships. Brands in this space need specialist partners that understand this audience challenge and have the creative skill to craft executions that inspire. This is our passion and why we exist.

81 are experts at crafting the desirability of your products through ideas that inspire the modern affluent audience.


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