This creates a great challenge for premium and luxury brands. As audiences become more discerning, how do you stand apart? How do you connect with your audience beyond the rational? The challenge is to create sensory and emotional communications that are personally meaningful for the customer. Helping brands achieve this is our passion.

Crafting beautiful creative that celebrates the product has for a long time been very comfortable ground for luxury brands. This approach was based on the significant motivator for luxury purchase, being the status that came through product ownership. By the fact that a person owns a particular type of product they are separating themselves from the masses. Communications were, therefore, focused on celebrating this status of ownership and the immediate gratification that comes with it.


Luxury brands need to offer their customers an invitation to a desired lifestyle.


As wider aspirational audiences have become more exposed to the benefits of luxury goods, the exclusivity of luxury products has been challenged; purchases have become less about the logo and more about being personally meaningful. As a result luxury has become more subtle and understated, with value being driven from the experience of the product and the lifestyle that it brings.

As a result increasingly affluent audiences are putting a premium on experiences over things. Gradually shifting away from seeking status and gratification through ownership to a more intrinsic satisfaction through experience and lifestyle.

In our view luxury brands need to offer their customers an invitation to a desired lifestyle. To convey the intrinsic and lasting satisfaction that comes with their products, brands need to understand what the audience most value. This requires creative communication that is framed on a more thorough investigation of the deeper lying desires and motivations of the audience. Luxury brands need to stay ahead of luxury consumers through the communication of new and different ways to give expression to their desires.

81 are experts at crafting the desirability of your products through ideas that inspire the modern affluent audience.


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