UK Affluents are more likely to share opinion and review products on Social Media

We’re in an age of consumer power. People are free to make educated choices based on information, knowledge share and shared experiences. Luxury purchases are no different. Research conducted on Global Web Index’s platform indicates that UK affluents are some of the most socially engaged of all, highly likely to review and share brand opinion.


Amount of time spent on social networks each day – 60.2% of UK Affluents spend up to 2 hours on social platforms everyday.

Affluent Social Media Behaviour (vrs. UK adults) – 42% more likely to review on social media, 15% more likely to comment of social media, 24% more likely to create content on social media.

Peer recommendations influence purchase decisions – 41% strongly agree online recommendation influences their purchase decision.

Source: GWI Survey 2015 Q4 Audience UK adults earning £60,000 – £655,000+


The modern luxury customer believes in making educated, informed purchase decisions. Understanding the true benefits and quality of a product is a key part in the decision making process and these decisions are being influenced on social media channels. Luxury brands need to ensure that they have an appropriate presence to influence this digital word of mouth.

The Impact of Smartphones

Alongside the rise of social media as a means of communication and expression, the growth of mobile is also proving to be another disrupter in how people relate to brands. As Mobile usage overtakes desktop/pc usage the smart phone is becoming increasingly important for product research and transaction.

The majority of smart phone usage is in app. Apps that can be personalized to the users behaviours, tastes and friendship group will prosper. It is no surprise then that social media apps occupy the most media time spent on mobile.

Digital content needs to be tailored to a mobile experience. Smartphones are personal, small, mobile devices. They therefore demand short, consumable pieces of information, highly visual and personalised. Successfully creating and distributing this content on social media is a new source competitive advantage and our focus as an agency.

81Agency Opinion: Bringing Luxury brands closer to their communities

The definition of a community is ‘The condition of sharing, or having certain attitudes and interests in common’. For the traditional luxury customer, (before social media), their community was defined by their means to purchase a luxury good and this was protected by the marketing efforts of Luxury brands.

Traditional Marketing strategies just focused on influencing the conversations of the affluent. Through tightly controlled media channels (print, events, Direct Marketing), Luxury brands sought to maintain the status quo – only those with the means to purchase luxury goods had influence on the desirability of a particular good. Simply put, luxury customers made purchase decisions based on other luxury customers. Whilst this is still valid, the influence of digital channels and social media has meant this community is no longer closed to the broader audience.

Online communities of people with shared interests exist and are not strictly governed by a person’s means to purchase a luxury good but by their aspirational interest in that particular good.

The luxury customer will be influenced by the views and opinions of a broader group of aspirational digital influencers. Those that aspire to be a customer, have an equal footing when it comes to delivering an opinion of a brand online. This marks a big shift, a broader group of digital natives who are not core Luxury customers yet aspire to be can now have an influence over your core luxury customer.

“The conversation is happening, with or without you, you can’t choose to opt out. But you can choose not to participate.” Matt Jacobson, Head of Market Development Instagram

We understand this. How a luxury brand communicates to their core customer and also this wider digital community is the basis of a comprehensive digital content strategy, one that understands this new luxury marketing landscape. Whilst this marks a challenging time for Luxury marketeers it is also one of great opportunity. The visual appeal of Luxury goods and the richly aspirational nature of people’s behaviour on social platforms make them ideal platforms for consumer engagement and growth.

We firmly believe, Luxury brands that embrace social platforms and invest in creating comprehensive digital content, for a broader digital community, will prosper in this new marketing landscape. The only threat is failing to adapt.

81Agency Approach: Guidelines For A Comprehensive Digital Content Strategy

1. In a visual world luxury brands have all the right assets

Visual communication is the currency on social media. High quality images and video create the highest engagement. The good news for luxury brands is that visual content is where they naturally excel—stunning designs, high quality photography etc.

2. Fuel the passions of the aspirational digital influencers

Digital media has made luxury brands accessible to all those with a genuine passion for them. We appreciate the value of empowering these communities. 70% of content referring to luxury brands is not created by the brand itself. Building communities of informed advocates on social platforms doesn’t just help to support amplification – it also helps to align that amplification with luxury brands’ core values.

3. Build Brand Narrative Around Key Launches

Extract greater value from your content assets, model and product shoots by weaving them into a brand narrative. Create BTS content to get greater value from the shoot etc.

4. Develop Affinity Building Content

Find the shared purpose between the community and your brand to develop content to grow brand affinity and broaden your community of advocates

5. Use Social as a global channel

Social media is global. It allows you to talk to many markets at once. Embrace this and build a global brand.


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