Boodles’ aspiration was to be transformed from heritage county jewellers into a leading British luxury brand.

Each year Boodles creates a landmark artistic collection under the umbrella name Wonderland for their high value customers and tasked the team to bring the collection to life through imaginative marketing concepts.



Our key concept, in the form of a illustrated novella, centred around a female protagonist full of wanderlust, who re-tells her unique love story in a distant oasis market town.

Based in part on the concept that jewellery can trigger subjective memories, we had the freedom to introduce all the references seen within the collection in an unforced and eloquent manner throughout her story.

Each year the theme reflects the new figurative designs produced and handcrafted by Boodles, through mysterious islands, magical creatures and dream-like oasis market towns.

Brochures are a key element in the Boodles marketing mix, used within the shops and mailed to build customer relationships, these publications set the scene as well as generate significant interest for the brand each year.



Desirable and thought-provoking marketing plays a key role in supporting Boodles positioning as leading luxury jewellers and helping increase the business sevenfold.

Profitability has dramatically increased and Boodles is now recognised internationally for its superlative design.

Leading to showrooms opening on Bond Street, Albermarle Street, Sloane Street & The Savoy Hotel.

Boodles has been nominated for Luxury Brand of the Year by Walpole, alongside Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Mulberry & McLaren.