The team were tasked with providing global luxury insights and a compelling campaign theme to better communicate the brand to a targeted affluent audience in India, whilst elevating brand perception over the long term.



Aim to elevate Ganjam to a highly desired brand that new customers can strive for, whilst strengthening existing customers purchase choice.

Creating a campaign theme ‘Art of Life’, featuring the brand’s jewellery in artistic and striking imagery, illustrating the inspirations of Ganjam’s beautiful collections.

Dramatic and bold photography, completely unseen previously in India, supported the campaign and presented the jewellery and the brand in a significant & different light.



The brand’s image has been dramatically moved forward and it has achieved much International recognition in the world’s metropolitan and cultural centres, from New York to London and Paris to Tokyo.

This new and evolving brand presentation gave the company a renewed sense of purpose, underpinning Ganjam’s Indian expansion and doubling sales. Ganjam is celebrated as India’s first luxury brand in the book ‘India by Design’.